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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management - Valves

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance

Valve inspections are managed on the Inspections tab of the valve form. Click the Add Inspection button to create a new inspection. In the inspection form, checking any of the Repair(s) Needed check boxes will automatically generate a repair record. Additionally, if the condition is set to “Repair” or “Replace”, a repair record will be created for the asset.

Dynamic layers for Valve Inspections and Repairs are included in the Maintenance layer group within the Water Distribution sub-group.

Asset Reports

The last exercised date can be easily updated for one or more valves by using the Create Inspection Records and Set Date Exercised for Selected Valves tool in the water valve asset report page. To use this tool, you may want to use the filter parameters to display a list of valves that will be updated. Then select the checkbox next to each valve that will be updated, enter the appropriate date into the Inspection Date box and the the person who should be associated with the inspection record in the Inspected By box, and click submit. All selected valves will have a new prefilled inspection record created, indicating that the valve was exercised and the date excersized will be updated in the valve attributes.

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