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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Water Meter Management - Inventories

The InfiniteGIS Water Meter Asset Management system maintains inventories of both water meters and registers that are in stock, installed, in need of repair, and retired. Performing transactions in the system automatically updates the status of units in the inventory. The lifecycle of the units in the two inventories can be tracked by using the water meter asset reports page. At the top of this page there are two different inventory tabs, one for water meters and one for registers. While these two inventories are separate, the way they function is identical.

Adding Units to Inventory
To add a water meter or register to the inventory, navigate to the proper inventory tab in the water meter asset reports page. When clicking on one of the inventory tabs, four subtabs will appear below it. These represent the four statuses that units in the inventory can have. When selecting one of the inventories the In Stock subtab will be dispayed first. At the bottom of the In Stock subtab is a section to add new units to the inventory. Simply fill in the information about the unit and click the Add button. When adding a new unit to the inventory, it will always be given an “In Stock” status. These units are the ones that will appear in the drop down list when installing or exchanging a unit using the water meter form.

Installed Units
The Installed subtab displays the currently installed units. These are units that are currently in use at a specific water meter point. Each record in the list has History and Details buttons. The History button shows the historical records of every water meter point the unit has been at as well as all of the flow tests performed on it. The Details button opens the water meter form where units can either be installed, exchanged or removed from the water meter point. When a unit is removed or exchanged the status of the unit is updated to “Repair” and will appear in the Repair subtab.

Repairing and Retiring Units
The Repair subtab displays the units that need repair. The history of each unit can be viewed by clicking the History button. A popup window will appear with detailed history of the unit and the flow tests performed on the unit as well as a few buttons to perform other actions. For water meters, the first action is to perform a new flow test. Click the New Test button and fill out the appropriate information in the water meter test popup window. Click Save to create the flow test record. The next action is to place a repaired item back in stock. Clicking the Place in Stock button autmatically updates the status of the unit from “Repair” to “In Stock”. The last action in the popup window is to retire a unit. Clicking the Retire button automatically updates the status of the unit from “Repair” to “Retired”. A retired unit will still have a detailed history of where it has been and associated flow tests, however no further actions will be able to be performed on the unit.

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