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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Water Meter Management - General

The InfiniteGIS Water Meter Asset Management system tracks and manages the inventory, installation, exchange, usage, and testing of water meters and registers though their lifespan. In this system users can:

  1. Manage which water meters and registers are in use at specific locations by exchanging or removing units when service is required.
  2. Manage a live inventory of water meters and registers that are in stock, in use, in need of repairs, or have been retired.
  3. View history of where water meters and registers have been installed.
  4. View historical and create new water meter flow tests.

Locations that have water service are marked by a water meter point. Each water meter point, which serves as the parent asset and contains information about the property, the client, and the services provided, can also have both a water meter and a register attached. NOTE: Water meter points can only have one water meter and one register attached at a time. If more than one meter is on a given property, create additional water meter points as needed.

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