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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management - Water Hydrants

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance

Water hydrant inspections are managed on the Inspections tab of the water hydrant form. Click the Add Inspection button to create a new inspection. In the inspection form, checking any of the Repair(s) Needed check boxes will automatically generate a repair record. Additionally, if the condition is set to “Repair” or “Replace”, a repair record will be created for the asset.

Dynamic layers for Hydrant Inspections and Repairs are included in the Maintenance layer group within the Water Distribution sub-group.

Hydrant Flow Tests

InfiniteGIS also enables users to manage hydrant flow tests using the water hydrant form. Hydrant flow tests usually involve two hydrants: the Test Hydrant and the Flow Hydrant. The Flow Hydrant is the adjacent hydrant that is opened to let water flow during the test. The Test Hydrant is the hydrant on which pressures are measured. The drop-down list of flow hydrants will include the 10 closest hydrants sorted by distance from the test hydrant.

To see the history of flow tests that were performed on a hydrant as well as the tests performed where the selected hydrant acted as the flow hydrant, navigate to the Flow Tests tab.

To add a flow test, click the Add Flow Test button. In the popup window, nearby hydrants are in the drop-down list of flow hydrants and are dynamically sorted by distance to the test hydrant. Click the Calculate button to calculate Flow (gpm), GPM at 20 PSI and Gallons Used, based on pressures measured, nozzle coefficient and nozzle diameter. NOTE: The first hydrant in the Flow Hydrant list is the Hydrant you are testing pressures at and may not be the appropriate flow hydrant.

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