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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Update History

November 7, 2023

NEW Home Menu System
The Menu system has been updated to have fewer sub-menus and be responsive to smaller screens such as a tablet or smart phone.

October 20, 2023

General UPDATE
Asset Management forms have been updated to include the asset type (when applicable) and ID or Number. When viewing other tabs in the form for a particular asset, the title will remain in view.

October 9, 2023

NEW Photo Point layer
A new Photo Point layer has been added to the InfiniteGIS map for attaching/uploading photos and other files. The form includes fields for ID, Description and Comments. Users with Edit permissions can create and modify the points. Users with View permissions will be able to see the points and the attachements related to them.

October 5, 2023

NEW Municipal Well Readings and Residual Water Tests
A form for recording daily readings has been added to the Municipal Well Asset Management Tool. A new Municipal Wells reports page has been added to the Water Distribution menu that also includes a tab & form for recording Residual Water Tests. When recording a municipal well reading, there are default values for Chlorine Solution %, Fluoride Solution % and Natural Flouride. If these need to be adjusted for your water utility, let us know and we can update them for you.

September 27, 2023

Hydrant Inspection UPDATE
The Hydrant Inspection form now includes a drop-down list of Nozzle Flushed sizes to choose from. The list is derived from the hydrant attribute values of Pumper and Hose Nozzle sizes. If the list is empty, it's because the attributes on the hydrant are also empty. The Hydrant Reports page has also been enhanced to include Nozzle Flushed size in the Inspections Report and a Total for the displayed list of Gallons Flushed is included in the footer of the report.

September 7, 2023

Cross Connection Inspection Reports UPDATE
Cross Connection Inspection Reports now have an additional filter for Property Class.

September 6, 2023

Water Meter Asset Management UPDATE
The Water Meter Asset Management form has been updated to include fields for recording the plumbing sizes into the building and after the meter. These values have also been added to the Cross Connection Inspection reports.

August 30, 2023

Cross Connection Asset Management UPDATE
Cross Connection Inspections have been removed from the Parcel Point Asset Management form and are now created in the Water Meter Asset Management form in the Cross Connection tab. A layer representing all Cross Connection Inspections has been added to the Water Distribution sub-group within the Maintenance layers group. the The process for creating a Cross Connection Inspection is unchanged however, redundant fields have been removed as they are already included in the Water Meter Asset Management form. A new tab has been added to Cross Connection Reports that displays Cross Connection Inspections in a Paged format that, when printed provides Individual Cross Connection Inspections on their own pages with additional property details included.
The link to the Nearest Parcel Point that was in the Water Meter Asset Management form has been removed since is was no longer necessary.

August 15, 2023

NEW Sanitary Pipe Cleaning History
A new tab has been added to Sanitary Pipe Asset Management. Whenever the Year Cleaned is updated for a Sanitary Pipe, the old year cleaned value is added to a table of Cleaning History. The Year is stored as a date - January first of that year.
This is the first stage in the development of a new sewer pipe cleaning tool that will allow tracking water useage, grit removal and grouping multiple pipe segements into a new cleaning activity. Stay tuned!

August 11, 2023

NEW Utility Depth Layer
A new layer has been added to InfiniteGIS to store utility depth locations. Users with Edit permissions can add new points, input relevant data, and upload files or pictures related to the point. The Utility Depth layer is found within the Maintenance layer group.

August 10, 2023

Hydrant Asset Management UPDATE
Static PSI and Residual PSI fields have been added to the Hydrant Asset Management details form. These values can be entered manually or updated automatically when a Flow Test is performed on the hydrant.

August 3, 2023

NEW Chart Added to Sanitary Sewer Pipe Report
A Charts Tab has been added to the Sanitary Pipe reports page that shows length of pipe cleaned per year.

April / May 2023

NEW Chart Displays in Asset Management Reports
A Charts Tab has been added to the Water Pipe, Hydrant, Valve, Water Meter, and Sanitary Structure reports pages to provide a quick, visual summary of important data necessary for agency reporting.
Look for more charts in the comming weeks. Contact us if you have suggestions for more.

February 10, 2023

NEW Brush Collection
The Parcel Asset Management form has a new tab for tracking Brush Collection activity. A Brush Collection report was also added to the menu in Asset Management >> Asset Reports >> Street / Highway.

October 14, 2022

Parcel Asset Management UPDATE
The Parcel Asset Management form has been updated to include expiration dates for permits and licenses. These values can be used in the map to query or filter the Parcel Points and display which locations have expiring permits or licenses. Look for new layers coming soon that will show these locations in a useful color theme.

September 19, 2022

NEW User Accounts Page
For those with Administrator privileges, a new User Accounts page listing all users who have access to your InfiniteGIS site is available in the menu under the Account group. If you require any changes to the user accounts, please contact the administrator.

August 19, 2022

Staff Management UPDATE
There is now an attachments tab for the selected staff that allows uploading files (photos, pdf files, etc.) related to the staff person. There is a refresh button above the attachments list that when clicked, will refresh the list to show newly uploaded files.

August 8, 2022

Equipment Management UPDATE
There is now an attachments tab for the selected equipment item that allows uploading files (photos, pdf files, etc.) related to the equipment. There is a refresh button above the attachments list that when clicked, will refresh the list to show newly uploaded files.

July 22, 2022

Asset Reports UPDATE
For those with proper permissions to perform maintenance tasks or assign repairs to staff, A "Select All Displayed" checkbox was added to various tabs in the Asset Reporting pages. All Repairs Needed tabs have the "Select All Displayed" checkbox.

The Sanitary Pipe and Water Valve reports also have the "Select All Displayed" checkbox for setting Year Cleaned and Date Exercised respectively.

June 15, 2022

NEW Sewer Backup Asset Management
A new tab for tracking Sewer Backups was added to the Parcel Point asset management form. A Sewer Backups report was also added to the menu in Asset Management >> Asset Reports >> Sanitary Sewer.

May 13, 2022

Server Update
InfiniteGIS Servers were updated to the latest release of ArcGIS Enterprise v. 10.9.1

May 13, 2022

Street Sign Asset Management UPDATE
The Street Sign report page now includes a preview image of the street sign. In the map, the pop-up and additional details views of the selected street sign also include a preview image of the sign.

March 2, 2022

NEW Cemetery Asset Management
InfiniteGIS now has cemetery asset management for keeping track of owner and burial records with attachments.

July 30, 2021

Equipment Management UPDATE
The Equipment Management tool has been updraded and now inludes the ability to track maintenance activity. More details are available in the help for Equipment Management

July 14, 2021

NEW Street Name Management
There is a new Street Name Management tool! Look in the menu: Asset Management >> Street Name Management. This new tool allows users with proper permissions the ability to edit, add or delete street names in the list. The list of street names is used in most of the asset management forms. Street names that are already in use are not editable since deleting or changing it would cause an error in the asset management form where it is referenced.

Example: If a street name needs to be edited or changed, first add a new, correct street name to the list, then modify all assets that have the old street name. The separate asset management reports may be the easiest place to do this since they can be used to filter assets by street name. Don't forget cross-street values too.

July 13, 2021

NEW Status Value
All managed assets now have "Removed" as an option for Status. To maintain historical asset management records (Inspections, Repair Activity, etc.) the GIS asset related to those records should remain in the system. Traditionally, the status was changed to "Abandoned" when the asset was removed or no longer in use. However, abandoned typically means that the asset is still in place and could lead to some confusion when excavating sometime later. Now, assets that have been removed can have their status set appropriately. Assets who's status is abandoned or removed will be displayed in the Abandoned Facilities group of layers and the label on the asset will indicate abandoned or removed.

June 8, 2021

NEW Aset Management Form for Municipal Wells
Municipal Public Wells have been moved from the general water structures layer to a new layer and are managed with an asset management form. The form will be enhanced in the near futire with inspections and repairs similar to other managed assets.

April 19, 2021

Water Storage Asset Management UPDATE
An Inspection Form and Repairs have been added to Water Storage Asset Managemetn. The inpection form has 91 checkbox items plus separate comments for each category. When a new inspection record is saved, the Date Inspected and Inspection Type fields will be updated in the Water Storage form and a repair needed record will be created for every checked item. Repair activity can be recorded for tracking repairs on the water storage facility.

April 9, 2021

NEW Water Storage Asset Managment Form
Water Storage facilities can now be managed with a new Water Storage Asset Management form. This new form has all the typical attribute values and a One-to-Many tool for adding Appurtenances that are attached to the Water Storage facility.

All exising Water Storage facilities that were in the Water Structures layer have been moved to a new Water Storage layer. The Pop-Up for a Water Storage feature has a Details button for accessing the asset management form.

The Inspection and Repairs tools that you typically find on other assets are being developed and will be added to this new form in the near future.

March 10, 2021

Help Added to Asset Management Forms and Reports
A link to related help documentation has been added to most Asset Management Forms and Reports. Look for the icon in the top right corner of the form/report.

March 4, 2021

Hydrant Flow Test Form UPDATE
When creating a Hydrant Flow Test, you can now enter minimal information including Fire Flow, GPM @ 20 PSI, and Gallons Used. These values were previously locked, required many of the other fields to be populated before saving and were automatically calculated in the database when the flow test record was saved. Now, you have the option to calculate these values on demand or fill them in yourself leaving the values required for calculation empty.

February 26, 2021

Year Abandoned Field Added to Asset Management Forms and Reports for:
  • Water Pipe
  • Valve
  • Hydrant
  • Sanitary Pipe
  • Sanitary Structure
  • Storm Pipe
  • Storm Structure

The abandoned field must be a four digit year and is not editable unless the status of the asset is Abandoned. In the asset management form, when you change the status to Abandoned, the Year Abandoned field will automatically populate to the current year. Edit the Year Abandoned if it was abandoned in a differnet year before saving. Conversely, if you change the status to anything other than Abandoned, the Year Abandoned field will be cleared automatically.

February 10, 2021

Storm Sewer Asset Management Reports UPDATE:
  • Filter parameters added to each report
  • Filter parameters and report columns are layed out in a consistent order
  • Default filter parameter values are set where applicable
  • A reset filter parameters button has been added to each report

February 1, 2021

Asset Management Reports UPDATE
Significant updates to Asset Management Reports for Sanitary Pipe and Structures, Water Pipe, Hydrants, and Valves.

  • Filter parameters added to all reports
  • Filter parameters and report columns are layed out in a consistent order
  • Default filter parameter values are set where applicable
  • A reset filter parameters button has been added to each report

NEW Tool - Sanitary Pipe Repair
The repair point layer is within the Sanitary Sewer sub-group of the Maintenance layer group and is normally off. When mapping a new sanitary repair point, turn the Sanitary Sewer Maintence group on. In the Markup tab of the toolbar, is a new tool to map a Sanitary Pipe Repair Point. This tool operates very much like the Water Pipe Break tool. When activating the tool, you'll be prompted to click on a sanitary pipe where the repair occured. The new point will be related to the pipe you clicked on. Once created, the Sanitary Pipe asset management form will open. The Repairs tab will list the new repair record with the current date. Click the Details button for the new record to input repair activity.

January 14, 2021

Help Pages Refreshed
The Help menu has been reorganized with new and updated content.

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