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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management - Trees

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance

Trees, in general, are not repaired. However, to maintain a healthy urban forest, regular inspection and maintenance is necessary. Information related to tree inspection is included in the tree attributes. To view and edit this data, select the desired tree and click the Details button to open the asset management form. Maintenance activity is recorded on the maintenance tab. Click the New button to create a new maintenance record. Existing maintenance records are viewed by clicking the Details button in the list of exiting maintenance records or by clicking the page numbers. Providing a “Next Pruning Date” and/or “Next Treatment Date” will update the corresponding tree attributes. Use the layer filter tool to view all Trees needing maintenance based on desired filter parameters.

A dynamic layer showing when Tree Pruning is needed is included in the Maintenance layer group within the Street/Hwy sub-group.

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