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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Street Name Management

Street Name Management is found in the Asset Management menu on the InfiniteGIS Home page.

The Street Name Management page provides tools to create or modify Street Names.

Most asset management forms include a Street Name field that uses the list of Street Names for the drop-down-list values.

To create a new Street Name, enter appropriate values in the fields at the bottom of the list and click the Add button.

To change an existing Street Name, click the Edit button, make the necessary changes and click the Save button. If the Edit button is disabled (grayed out) then the Street Name is in use on one or more GIS features as indicated in the Used in Layer(s) column.

If the Edit and Delete buttons are disabled for a Street name that you want to change or delete, you must first find all GIS features that have the Street Name assigned to it and edit them to remove thier reference to the incorrect value. It is recommended that you first add a new, correct street name to the list, then modify all assets that have the old street name. Once all references to the incorrect street name have been removed, it can be modified or deleted.

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