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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Map Functions - Snapping

The snapping function allows a feature to be accurately placed based on the location of an existing feature. This is important when creating pipe networks for assets such as sanitary sewers or storm sewers. Many attributes of the pipes and structures in a pipe network system are automatically determined by the spatial location of those features in relation to other features in the system. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the ends of the pipes accurately and precisely intersect with the structures, otherwise crucial attributes may not be properly populated by the spatial relationships. This is where snapping becomes essential.

Snapping is only available in the desktop version of InfiniteGIS. It is not available for the tablet or mobile version. Snapping is disabled by default. When editing an existing feature, tap the "F" key to toggle snapping on/off. When creating a new feature, click the Create New Feature button in the Markup tab of the toolbar. After selecting the feature type to create, additional options will appear to the right of the Create New Feature button. The first button to the right will enable snapping. The next button to the right allows the user to select which layers have snapping enabled. By default, only the layers in the Editing group have snapping enabled. When snapping is enabled, a larger translucent circle will show around the cursor. This area signifies the snapping tolerance and a dot will display within that circle indicating where the snapped location will be when you click. If the dot is not snapping where desired, ensure that snapping is enabled for the desired layer(s).

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