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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management - Sanitary Structures

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance

Annual Inspections for Sanitary Sewer structures are often mandated by a regional sewer commision or district. The Inspection form for Sanitary structures is extensive and includes information required by most oversight agencies.

Inspections are managed on the Inspections tab. Click the Add Inspection button button to create a new inspection. The inspection form is divided into sections starting with general observations on top, then working down the structure to the bench. Repair records are generated for all of the following:

  • When Surface Condition is anything but Good.
  • When any Condition is set to Repair or Replace.
  • When Infiltration Rate is anything other than None.
  • When Frame Grade Match is set to Above or Below. The repair record will also include the value from Grade Difference.
  • When any of the following are checked: Subject to Ponding, Replace Bolts, Vent Holes in Lid, Realign Frame, H2S Repair Required, Debris In Invert, and Grout Required.
  • Replace Bolts, when checked, will also include the value from Bolts to Replace in the repair record.
  • Realign Frame, when checked, will also include the value from Offset Amount in the repair record.

Materials for Adjutment Rings, Chimney, Cone, Barrel and Bench will also update the corresponding structure attributes.

Dynamic layers for Sanitary Sewer Structure Inspections and Repairs are included in the Maintenance layer group within the Sanitary Sewer sub-group.

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