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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance - Sanitary Pipe

The asset report for Sanitary Pipe includes the ability to update the year cleaned. Using the filter parameters, display a list of pipes that were cleaned. Select each pipe that was cleaned, input a year and click Submit.

Alternatively, in the Markup tab of the toolbar there is a tool for updating the Year Cleaned on one or many Sanitary Sewer Pipe.

With the tool active, use one of the selection types to select individual or multiple pipe then click Ok, enter a four digit year (the current year will be the default) then click the Update button.

A dynamic layer depicting the Cleaning Age is included in the Maintenance layer group within the Sanitary Sewer sub-group.

Repairs on Sanitary Pipe are created by using the Pipe Repair tool in the Markup tab of the toolbar. Activating the tool will prompt the user to click on a sanitary pipe where the repair occured. The new point will be related to the pipe and once created, the Sanitary Pipe asset management form will open. The Repairs tab will list the new repair record with the current date. Click the Details button for the new record to input repair activity. The Sanitary Pipe Repair Points layer is within the Sanitary Sewer sub-group of the Maintenance layer group.

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