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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Related Assets

Related assets are those features that are associated with a parent feature. Related assets are essential when the parent asset can contain more than one related asset. For example, one pole can contain many different streets signs and while the signs are unique assets, they are all related to the same pole.

Since related assets leverage a one-to-many relationship the process for creating related assets differs from creating physical assets. In order to create a related asset, the parent asset must already exist. Once the parent asset is created related assets can be added by clicking the Details button in either the parent asset’s map popup in the InfiniteGIS web map or the Asset Report pages. In the parent asset’s form, navigate to the tab for the desired related asset and click the Add button to create the related asset.

While related assets have their own layers in the InfiniteGIS web map, they do not actually store geometry data, they inherit the geometry of the parent asset. Therefore, the geometry of related assets cannot be changed in their respective layer, rather the geometry of the parent asset needs to be adjusted. It should be noted that when a parent assets geometry is edited, ALL of the related assets geometries will adjust since geometry it is inherited.

For a list of InfiniteGIS related assets see the Asset Creation General help page.

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