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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance - General

The Inspection, Repairs Needed, and Repair Activity tabs in the asset reports provide a way to track the condition and history of an asset as well as assign work orders.

Inspection records and repair activity records can be added to an asset by navigating to the asset and clicking the Details button either in the Asset Report page or in the GIS map popup window. Navigate through the tabs in the asset’s form to find the Add Inspection button or the Add Repair Activity button.

When an inspection is performed on an asset, any issue that is marked or any asset that is given the condition of “Repair” or “Replace” will automatically generate a Repair Needed record. Repairs Needed can then be assigned to specific staff members in the associated asset reports page.

When repairing an asset, click the Add Repair Activity button to record details about the repair indicating which repairs needed were completed, who performed the repair, equipment used, and materials used. Once a repair activity record is created, repairs that were marked as completed will no longer appear in the Repairs Needed tab. Furthermore, points in the map that were repairs needed will be changed to repairs made.

General Inventory is automatically updated if a material is used when recording a repair activity. The "Inventory Transaction" will indicate "Repair" in the Invoice column.

If an asset is removed or deleted, any associated inspection records or repair activity records will remain, however any uncompleted repair records will be deleted with the asset. When an asset with existing inspection records and repair activity records is deleted, the ID in the inspection and the repair activity reports will indicate that the asset is "Missing”, since it no longer exists.

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