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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Equipment Management

Equipment Management is found in the Asset Management menu on the InfiniteGIS Home page.

The Equipment Management page provides tools to create or modify equipment, record maintenance activity, view useage history, and input miscellaneous activity not recorded by a repair activity.

Equipment Detail
To create a new Equipment item, click the Add Equippment button at the bottom of the Equipment list.

Once an Equipment item is created, it cannot be deleted since it used in repair records and form the basis for the equipment cost of a repair. However, the status can be changed to Inactive which will exlude it from the list of equipment to choose from when adding equipment to a repair.

Below the Equipment details form are two lists that show Maintenance History and Useage History for the selected Equipment item.

In the Maintenance tab, new records can be created by clicking the Add Service Activity button.

In the Useage tab, new records can be created by clicking the Add Activity button.

To edit an Equipment item, click the Details button next to the the Equipment item in the Equipment list to view its details in the form below the list. Click the Edit button in the form to revise any of the equipment values.

Note: Editing the name of an equipment item will also update the name displayed for any Repair it was used on, however changing the hourly rate will NOT affect the equipment cost of exiting repair records.

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