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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Inspections, Repairs & Maintenance - Cross Connection Inspections

Cross connection inspections allow users to track cross connection inspections for specific parcel points across time. A parcel point’s historical record of cross connection inspections can be found by clicking the Details button in the parcel point map popup in the InfiniteGIS map and navigating to the Cross Connections tab. Here, additional cross connection inspections can be added by simply clicking the Add Residential Inspection button. After the from is filled out, click Save and the inspection will be added to the Residential Inspection History list for that parcel point.

While creating cross connection inspection records, users can add multiple backflow prevention fixtures to each inspection record. To add a backflow prevention fixture, select a fixture type and device, enter a location description, when appropriate check Approved and Purchased check boxes, then click Add. When adding backflow prevention fixtures, be aware the drop-down list for devices dynamically varies depending on the fixture type. Additionally, predefined location descriptions can be selected by clicking Location Description text, however custom input is also accepted.

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