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InfiniteGIS™ Asset Management

Asset Creation - General

InfiniteGIS allows for the creation and manipulation of both physical features and related assets. Physical features are added using edit tools in the map. If a feature has an associated form, the attribute information for a newly created feature should be entered using the form. Once a physical feature is created, related assets can be added to the physical feature. First, click on the physical feature to display information about the feature, then click the Details button to open the form. Next, navigate to the appropriate related asset tab and click the Add button. The table below details which features are stored as physical features and which are stored as related assets.

Layers for Related assets are also included in the map.

Asset Physical or Related Parent Asset
Tree Physical
Pole/Mount Physical
Street Sign Related Pole/Mount
Street Light Related Pole/Mount
Transformer Related Pole/Mount
Private Well Related Parcel Point
Hydrant Physical
Water Valve Physical
Water Meter (Location & Account) Physical
Water Meter & Register Related Water Meter (Location & Account)
Water Structure Physical
Water Pipe Physical
Storm Structure Physical
Storm Pipe Physical
Storm Pond Physical
Sanitary Structure Physical
Sanitary Pipe Physical
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